Groovy Above Ground Wooden Pool Deck Kits

Wooden pool deck is a wooden floor that usually can be found on the edge of the pool that be used to connect a deck with swimming pool. By adding a wood element, your pool will look more beautiful, more natural and it will become a tropical-style swimming pool. In order to make a wooden deck swimming pool, you should choose durable wood and some other kits.

Wooden Pool Deck Kits

It must be resistant to heat and rain because of the location might be outside so it have to be resist with any form of weather for the long term. All these kits are needed to make a beautiful, comfortable and durable wooden pool deck.

And you must know first about the prefab decks for above ground pools cost to fix with your budget. Here below are wooden pool deck kits :


Wood is the most important thing of wooden pool deck kits. Choose ulin wood or commonly called iron wood and bengkirai wood. This type of wood is widely known for its durability against all weather conditions, as well as a lot of demand for furniture for interior and exterior needs.

You can also use teak or merbau wood. Or you can check the material for above ground pool decks for sale from store near you or online home building market.

But teak wood usually has a more expensive price. At the installation time, better to avoid the wooden pool deck to be exposed by water continuously, you can put the wooden pads under the wooden flooring. Many people prefers wood than aluminum pool decks above ground pools.

Because it will grow mildew. Placement of this wooden pads ideally 30cm – 50cm, with the spacing of the installation of outdoor wood floor will be sturdy, will not rock if when you stepped on.


Installing and cultivating wooden pool deck kits requires precision and care. Therefore, the beam frame is needed to facilitate the installation. The size of the beam frame is varied, usually 6/12 m.

Frame can be bolted to the concrete floor with a distance between beams 1 m. The framework of the support beam is usually placed on top of the cement as a buffer.

Usually cement must be made a little bit slopping and has a waste water path. So, there is no puddle in the middle of the deck.

Stainless Steel Screw

Using stainless steel screws is mandatory, in order to create a durable wooden pool deck. Attach the board to the beam by using stainless steel screws.

The rows of boards must be tight to keep the beam frames from the water. The tight planks of the board also avoided the small objects falling under the deck floor.

These stainless-steel screws are very important wooden pool deck kits, because it is used to install all the wooden boards in a row. You can have other technique for free a standing above ground pool decks with different design.

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