Where To Buy Wardrobe On Sims Freeplay

Where To Buy Wardrobe On Sims Freeplay

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How can I get 3 Sims to watch the program? Answer: Sims FreePlay does not mean that the wardrobe is clothing, it is a wardrobe that you can look for,
My mission is to buy a wardrobe, The Sims FreePlay Questions and Answers, Android.
What is a cheat code to get an LP Sims? .. See all, Simp FreePlay Guide, get an unlimited wardrobe in Sims Free Software.

Closet in the game means buying a closet with clothes. Click on the store in the lower right corner (one for furniture), click on.

I installed and removed Sims Freeplayin Kindle Fire -omme …. but every time I asked to go to a presentation closet and browse through my clothes.

Touch the button with a chair and a lamp below where you buy furniture. Touch the bed icon. Browse and look at the list, Wardrobe (ie closet, chest of drawers, chest of drawers, etc.) Available in the Bedroom section of the purchase. There is a picture of the ordinary wardrobe,

Sims Freeplay does not mean that the closet is in the clothes, it is the cabinet, which can scroll through, but says to buy the closet and I have already tried it.

Hello, I started playing Sims FreeplayƤ and I’m still at the level of 12, so I forgive ignorance. A normal wardrobe for the Sims,