Trex Decking Problems You Should Know More

Have you ever known about trex decking problems before? Some people may quite familiar with trex decking problem lawsuit. What come across on your mind when you heard about trex lawsuite? If you know nothing, let us see the reviews of trex decking and find is what the problem that really exist related to it.

Trex Decking Problems

The Problems Related to the Recycled Wood and Plastic Composites

Some people may not really familiar with the trex decking problems. It is because trex decking has been renewed and the problems may not appear anymore. The new trex types may not be familiar also for some people that are why there are many questions related to this composite material. The confusing thing is how the materials compared with the other maker. So, what are the common issues that have been appeared for several times? Are they quite significant?

The most common issues noted based on some inspections done by the experts are the splitting and also the cracking of the deck which can be found along its edge. Of course the problems were really annoying. The other main issue that can be found is the wood joist deterioration. It is because the composite decking has drying quality. The main different between the composite decking and the wood material is quite significant related to this. What is the different if the two are compared? Let us see the answer of the question below.

Like what have been mentioned before, composite decking has drying quality that is why it is easy to crack due to the weather changing. The material from woof will easily absorb the water meanwhile the composite material cannot do that so. It is the disadvantage of having composite material like trex and it can be a really matter for the user. The other problem of trex decking is related to the cost. The composite material will cost much. It can be twice than wood material. Per square feet, you should pay for about $30 up to $36. The cost is only related to the materials. It means that you have to spend more for the labor and so on.

In conclusion, trex decking problems are quite significant if it is compared with the other maker like wood material. Since trex is made of the composite material which is the combination of plastic and wood material, it cannot perfectly absorb water. It is not beneficial. Besides that, the higher cost will also take consideration.

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