Staining A Deck With A Roller or Brush for Better Result?

The deck will look cooler when colored. And the way the dyeing of the deck can be done by using a roller or brush.

Staining A Deck With A Roller

Why the deck should be colored

Deck coloring has several functions. One of them is to make the deck to be beautiful with a color that is equivalent to the theme of the house. Deck coloring that is made of wood material can enhance texture.

Coloring the deck can also increase the lifespan of the deck material as it is protected from damage. Deck wood will be more quickly damaged due to age due to water, moisture, heat, fleas and other factors. The dyed deck will be more resilient to weather changes. There is even a paint that has the ability as a water sealant. With this feature can help you work more simply because there is no need to coat the water sealant after color painting.

The deck can be colored according to the paint color you choose. If you choose the new color, then the deck will be blue after the paint and will close the texture and original color of the wood.

Other deck painting uses semi-transparent color. The color model for this deck can help improve the authenticity of wood color and texture.

how to stain a new deck

Deck staining can be done on a newly created deck or as a re-staining deck. Later you will learn how to restain a deck. These are some deck staining tips you should know.

Staining a deck can be done using several tools such as brush, roller or also garden spray. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Can i stain a deck with a roller? Of course you can. The fastest way to stain a deck with effective result is using roller.

One of the advantages is that the paint is distributed with a uniform thickness. You can do it very quickly with great efficiency and good results. But the lack of use of rollers to paint decks is a waste

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