Safe Ice Melt for Wooden Decks

Ice Melt for Wooden Decks – When winter comes, accompanied by an ice storm and a pile of snow on the deck you just made, you know what will happen? Yes of course, ice and snow on the deck can make the board become dangerous because it is slippery and can damage the building. Moreover composite decking is slippery in winter.

Ice Melt For Wood Decks

The best way is to remove a pile of ice and snow on the deck.

But you should be careful when cleaning the snow, because if you are not careful, it can damage the deck material, whether made of wood or composite.

The main problem of the pile of snow on the deck is the damaging properties of water to both wood and composite deck materials. In addition, heaps of snow with very heavy loads can tear down the deck.

Tips Ice Melt for Wooden Deck And Other Material Surface

Then how to melt ice on a wooden deck, follow these tips:

Avoid using metal shovels

Metal material of a rigid and hard shovel can injure the surface of the deck. If you are too hard swiping a shovel, then there will be a lot of strokes on the deck that makes it look bad. We recommend using a shovel whose edges are made of soft materials such as rubber, plastic and the like.

But now there are many available shovels that the material as a whole made of plastic material that is certainly safe for the deck.

Use Broom or Brush

If the snow that accumulates on the deck is not too high, at least not more than 4 inch, the use of shovels to be ineffective, even tends to endanger the quality of the deck surface. We recommend using other means such as using a broom, a soft brush or a type of water sweep with a relatively strong tip and made of rubber material.

Don’t Break Ice

Should avoid to break the ice above the deck surface. Ice that has hard corners can damage the deck surface.

Ice Melt Product for Wooden Decks

Choose an ice melt product that suits your deck surface type. Currently there have been many ice search products for deck, Generally use a kind of salt, calcium magnecium acetat ice melt and calcium chloride. Both types of materials are mentioned safe. But the deck is made of wood, should be treated with more caution again when melting the ice.

You have to know that salt ruin wooden deck. From some cases it is known that the use of salt on the deck as ice melt for wooden decks or composite can make the deck collapsed due to the rust on the metal such as screws, nuts or other, connecting between parts on the deck.

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