How To Pressure Wash A Deck

One of the most valuable tools you have at your home is definitely a pressure wash. It has multi functions including washing a deck. This time, you will learn on how to pressure wash a deck the right way to make your deck clean and smell nice.

How To Pressure Wash A Deck

In less than 30 minutes, the deck washing is done. So, read on to learn how to do it. But there are some things you should remember. If you mishandle pressure washer, you can end up blasting your wood deck to smithereens. So, it is important to be careful when doing it.

Tips How To Clean Deck With A Pressure Wash

  1. Play Extra Safe
    First of all, you should use the necessary clothes and equipments before starting to wash the deck with pressure water. Wear sturdy footwear and long pants. Do not forget wearing the goggles. Never wear jewelry and loose clothing as it can be dangerous.
  2. Prepare Site
    Here is the next thing to do, preparing the site. To do this, you should start to remove any items from your deck including the breakables. Continue by sweeping away any debris and leaves so you can do the cleaning more effectively.
  3. Apply Deck Cleaner
    Once you have done with the sweeping, you need to apply deck cleaner. It is necessary to lose embedded dirt. To do this, you have to put the cleanser into the pressure washer’s soap dispenser. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instruction. Once you have fill in the dispenser with cleanser, add water so the two will be combined. Then, on the pressure washer wand, you need to install appropriate dispensing nozzle. Lastly, you have to power up the machine so you can distribute all the cleaners all over the deck’s ground.
  4. Use Stiff
    In order to do effective cleaning, you have to use stiff scrub brush. This way, you can clean all part of the deck including the nook area between railings and tight corners. Make sure to not let detergent dry to prevent the streaking.
  5. Switch to Widest Spray Nozzle
    When you start pressure washing, make sure to move the grain of wood by applying the wide sweeping motions. The nozzle should be 2 feet away from deck’s surface. If you need to move closer, do it but do not get closer than six inches because it can damage the wood. Once you have done with the pressure washing using cleaner, turn off the machine, pull the trigger so it can trigger release of leftover pressure and then finish by draining water line.

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