How To Build Deck Steps Without Stringers

Generally making deck step done by placing treads and risers on stringers. But this time how to build deck steps without stringers? Here are the tips.

How To Build Deck Steps Without Stringers

Doing the DIY works for home renovation has always been great, challenging and affordable than hiring the professionals to do the work. This time, you will be practicing on how to build deck steps without stringers.

Though some people assume building decks is so hard and tricky, it actually can be pretty simply by following the right instructions. Even without the stringers, building decks can still be easy including for beginners. Of course, in any DIY work, you need to handle the preparation very well for appropriate execution.

What Is Stair Stringer

Stair stringer, or so-called string or stringer board is part of the ladder side, where the treads and risers are linked. The stairs generally have two pairs of stringers on adjacent sides.

While on stairs that do not use stringers, then the process of building deck steps without stringers can be done in different ways.

How To Build A Ramp For A Deck

Step in building deck steps without stringers

First you need to prepare a number of rise for deck landing. You can use your old stair of create a brand new deck step.

  1. Measure Total Rise of Stairs
    First of all, you have to measure the total rise of the stairs to the deck landing. What you need to do is picturing stair slope in mind. The average slope is 40 degree at a landing point. Afterward, you have to measure total rise of the stairs to landing spot. This phase is the most important phase because you need to do the measurement properly to prevent wrong calculations. Remember that if you make one little mistake in the calculations, you will build dangerous stairs set or waste expensive wood piece. You can also do some drawing to help you with the measurement including the dimensions measurement. It is okay if you need to do the measurement several times until you have figured out the right calculation.
  2. Test Fit the Stringers
    Suppose you have done with the measurement, continue by test fitting the stringers. What you should do is cutting both the bottom and top of stringer using some kind of circular saw. And then, you should place it against deck to test fit the stringer. Afterward, you must check tread level using the available small level.
  3. Attach Skirt Boards
    The last phase is very important as well. Follow the instructions. Grab a level to draw 2 plumb lines. The lines are necessary to mark right and left positions for skirts. Meanwhile, mark top tread location using the horizontal lines. Then, continue by tacking the skirts to rim using the 3-in deck screws. Use more deck screws to screw through deck’s rim back into the skirts. And, use two screws to screw the middle stringer into the rim.

As you build the stairs, it is necessary for you to follow the building codes as it contains the specific important requirements for building safe and secured stair design. This way, your deck stairs will be safe and legal at the same time.

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