How To Build An Elevated Deck With Minimalist Model

How to Build an Elevated Deck – The concept of a minimalist home is a concept that is commonly used by people nowadays. In addition to put simple and modern design, minimalist home concept is also appropriate to be applied in difficult conditions to find a home with a vast land as it is today.

How To Build An Elevated Deck

Building Minimalist Elevated Deck

Especially with the concept of two-floors minimalist house, it is suitable for you to save land, especially if you are living in the city. Because it has two floors, of course you will need the stairs in the house. Because the concept of the house you use is minimalist, then the elevated deck to be made also a minimalist elevated deck. Here below are some models, advantages and steps how to build an elevated deck:


Currently many models and types of minimalist ladders that are often used. For example, straight stairs, circular stairs, and zig zag stairs.

  1. Straight elevated deck
    This elevated deck model is used by most people in their homes. The model is quite simple, just tilted in one direction only. It is suitable for minimalist home concept. Another advantage of this model is that it does not take up much of your home area.
  2. Circular elevated deck
    For the size of a small house, the application of a circular elevated deck is also suitable, because it does not take up a lot of land. Elevated deck materials not only wood but also use iron to make it stronger.
  3. Zig zag elevated deck
  4. This elevated deck model may have a larger size. Usually the application of this elevated deck is used for a house that has height more or less 3 meters. Why? Because if with that kind of height, you used another stairs model, it will lead to a slope that is too sharp and unsafe.


Some of the advantages you can get from choosing an elevated deck is its natural design and easy-to-clean. Another advantage to have an elevated deck is you can apply to the concept of a minimalist home, modern, classic, and any others.

Steps How To Build Elevated Deck With Minimalist Model

Some are made of wood, iron or concrete, some have a model straight up to the arch. We will discuss the popular minimalist wooden staircase used and commonly known as an elevated deck. Here are some steps how to build an elevated deck:

1. Put the lay out of foothold and attach a large ledger board

2. Dig a hole for a foothold and specify in the concrete

3. Plumb poles and brace

4. Create beams on the top of posts

5. Install joists

6. Install the decking

7. Locate the foothold for stair landing and set in concrete

8. Install post anchor and frame the landing.

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