How To Build A Deck Railing

Did you know if minimalist deck railing is one of the latest trend? If you already have a wooden deck you can make a custom deck railing. For the selection of wood material for this fence you can use wood that is resistant to any kind of weather.

How To Build A Deck Railing

What Is Deck Railing

Deck railing is a kind of protection that built on the edge of the deck to prevent people falling from the deck. Deck railing can be made from various material and different design. You can guild deck railing on a new deck or existing one.

You can also add deck railing on the deck floor ( side or on the corner) or on the stairs. Installing deck railing posts corners is a bit different with deck floor. A simple technique is needed on how to add a railing on a deck.

What Wood Type Used for Deck Railing

You can also use other types of teak or iron wood. Regarding the difference between a deck railing with an iron fence is that a deck railing requires a bit more maintenance, while for iron railing requires simple maintenance.

What Best Material For Deck Railing

The deck railing gets more artistic value than regular ones. The deck railing has a more minimalist yet elegant impression. In order to make the deck railing to be stronger, people use this deck railing with a combination of iron, even in the combination, but the value of a deck railing is still high.

There is a satisfaction when you make something by yourself, and the deck railing is a good start project. Building a deck railing requires only a small amount of equipment or skill, relatively easy even for a beginner.

If you can build your own home deck railing it will certainly great to save money. Here are some steps how to build a deck railing:

Tools and Materials to Build Deck Railing

Tools: tape measure, aluminum jig, miter saw / reciprocating saw
Materials: wood block, blusters

Steps How To Build A Deck Railing

Step 1 : Remove Excess from Support Posts
First of all, measure the height of railing then remove the excess of posts support using the saw.

Step 2 : Measure and Lay Out Railing Beams
Measure the final posts and start installing two railing blocks. Pinch both boards together and use the electric drill in coordination with the aluminum jig, the perfect hole to accept the deck railing balusters.

Step 3 : Clamp Bottom Railing to Posts
Clip the bottom rail to the pole using the wooden blocks that form the basis for alignment and support.

Step 4 : Attach Necessary Wood Spacers
Since the center posts was slightly offset, we installed two small wooden spacers to compensate before installing two railing blocks.

Step 5 : Drill Beams into Posts
To install the beam, drill it to the supporting post.

Step 6 : Insert Balusters
Insert the steel-plated balusters into the hole attached bottom rail pit. Then introduce the top of the rails (upper rail) – fitting each baluster into the hole. The rail is set to a position with a hammering on the board.

Step 7 : Align Upper Rail and Attach to Support Posts
With the parallel top rail, flops to the support posts, then plug it in with a wooden screw. Attach the other side using the same procedure.

Step 8 : Craft the Top Rail
Complete the railing system by making the top rail. After cutting two 2 x 6’s, use the miter saw to form two 45 degree mitered cuts. The two boards come together to form a joint at the corner of the deck railing.

Step 9 : Drill Top Rail in Place
With the top rail clamped in place, drill some screws up to the top of the support posts. To increase the strength, set the screws horizontally through the miter joint.

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