Composite Decking Joist Spacing Guide First Before Replacing Old Decking

When you deal with the project of placing composite deck, you must also know about composite decking joist spacing. To get more information in details that can be very helpful for you, you can check trex installation guide where you can find trex decking joist spacing. The suggested spacing for trex decking can be various depend on the angle.

Composite Decking Joist Spacing


Decking’s Joist Spanning for Accommodating Patterns of Angled Decking

For creating joist space, you must be careful and try to check the chart that can show you the exact measurement. You must note that the joist should be spaced to be approximately on its center. Make sure first that the joists are plumb and level. The other thing you should keep in mind is that trex decking should span for about three joists. That is the minimum joists needed. But you need to contact inspector or building engineer in your local area for the heavy items like planters or hot tubs for details span recommendations. One tip for you, painting in black color on the joists’ top will help to minimize joists’ appearance.

Let us back to the detail measurements needed.  If the angle is 60°, the maximum spanning of the joists must be 51 mm. How about 45°? If the angle is 45°, the required spanning of the joists must be 102 mm. The last one is the 30°. If you desire the angle at 30°, the maximum spanning of the joists that you will need must be half of its distance. Pay attention to the details requirement above to create best placement of the deck. How about commercial decks and residential decks? Is there any significant different of it?

For the residential decks and commercial decks like boardwalks and also Marinas, the span that is needed is also different. The decking loading for the residential decks must be 4560 N/m2. Meanwhile for commercial decks especially for boardwalks and also Marinas it must be 4788 N/m2 and also 9576 N/m2. It is quite complicated to follow but it is a must and you should take consideration on it. The spacing or the joists’ spanning is considered as the most important thing.

Those are the details measurements that you will need about the joist spacing of the composite decking. It will be worth if you pay attention to the details of composite decking joist spacing given above. It will be very helpful for you to create perfect look of the placement.

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