Building A Ground Level Deck Attached To House

Do you wonder on how to make your house more beautiful or having more character? Well, you can consider building a ground level deck attached to house. This deck design is an excellent choice if you need space for entertaining and add the charm for your garden or yard. Building this deck can be another DIY project you and your family can work on instead of hiring the professionals.

Building A Ground Level Deck

How to Build a Ground Level Deck With Deck Blocks

Having ground level deck ideas is a good thing when you want o have a leisure place at home. Or building a low deck over grass rather patio can make your house looks more in nature.

Stake Footprint

First of all, you should stake the footprint into the ground. It should be tapped at all four corners. What the stakes represent are the holes for footings. Therefore, it is necessary to not miss the step.

When it comes to the stakes, the ideal shapes for efficiency are rectangular and square. And, the ends of all plans should be even and the gaps should be equal. To do this, you should square footprints through diagonal measurement from one corner to another corner across stakes.

You can adjust the stakes so that you can have same measurement for all the corners. If you wish to add additional stakes, grab a string and use it to align the stakes.

Concrete Footings

Ground level deck footings – The next thing to do is to dig at least 12 inches depth and 8 inches width holes designated for concrete footings. You can find the pre-mixed concrete at home supply store.

For each hole, you need to use 50 pound bag. Before using, the concrete should be mixed with water using shovel. Use wheelbarrow as a place for the mixing.

Then, flush concrete with ground. If you wish to get more height, you need to build small plywood to raise footings. Or, you can also use the pre-made tube forms.

Horizontal Frame

Once you have done with footings, you must continue with horizontal frame. For the supports, you have to double up the beams. Using pressure-treated lumber is not a must but at least you have to create extra longevity.

Metal Hangers

The metal hangers are needed for the joist. It relies on formula that is determined by the planned use, spacing and lumber of the deck. In case you have questions, check with professionals.

For additional strength, consider adding more screws through horizontal framework that penetrates right into joist’ ends.

Decking Options

As for the decking, you have several options including the weather resistant lumber made from fir with standard treated decking boards. Fir is a popular wood for the decking as it is known for being affordable, resilient and strong.

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