Approximate The Average Cost Of New Deck per Square Foot

Suppose you have decided to add deck for you house, one of the most important things is figuring out the approximate the average cost of new deck per square foot. It is necessary to figure out the cost right from the beginning to make sure the deck building stays on the right track.

Cost Of New Deck

Like other renovations of building, the deck building cost is determined by multiple factors including the size and wood type chosen for the deck. What you need to do as a house owner is to figure out the cost, set up the limit and keeps the cost within the budget.

Calculating Cost Of New Deck per Square Foot

How much does it cost to build a deck with stairs? According to the report publish in some magazines, the national average cost for professional wood deck is around $31 per square foot. This cost is actually much lower compared to the cost of 2-story addition that can be as high as $210 per square cost.
However, the $31 per square foot cannot be used as static cost because it is only reference point. So you may have other reference for cost to build a deck yourself. So how much should i charge to build a deck?

In other words, it can be higher or lower according to the design, taste and quality of the wood and also the amount of DIY work that the owner is willing to do. Of course, if you choose to build the deck by yourself, you can save some money rather than hiring professionals.

Factors Determining Deck Cost

1. Size of the Deck

Size comes first when it comes to deck building cost. With smaller decks, you can reduce the number of metal connectors, screws, joists, posts , piers and also wood pieces used to build the deck. And, the time to build smaller deck is also shorter which means reduced labor cost.

2. Deck’s Design

Design always matters. When you choose the rectangle or square deck, the cost can be minimal. But when you decide to add multiple levels, curves or herringbone patterns, the cost can be 30% to 50% higher than the initial cost. So, it is necessary to think about your budget and your desired design for the deck.

3. DIY Labor

Labor cost can be pretty high. Therefore, more people know decide to do build the deck by themselves instead of hiring labors in order to save more money and reduce the cost up to half before.

4. Materials

Materials do matter. It represents variable factor affecting the deck’s building cost. The better material you choose, the more expensive the cost will be.

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